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Spring Season Stress - How Agriplace soothes your Audit plans

Spring reaps fresh air and blossoms of joy… but it also reaps a new season for vegetables and fruits a.k.a. Audit Season. Different regions have varying climates, naturally resulting in diverse seasons for fruits as well as veggies. Logically this places a lot of strain and pressure on all supply chain parties for numerous reasons. One key stressor being that they have to readily provide the appropriate certifications and documentation ensuring quality requirements have been met throughout the year. As a result, there is a need for an audit streamlining solution that can help ease the pressure of this process. Whether it is farm audits, retail audits or supplier audits, similar issues and blockers apply.

There's always the risk of certifications being suspended, inability to get the right certifications from parties on time, ensuring adequate food safety all whilst simultaneously conducting regular day-to-day tasks. Dealing with these tasks can be both physically and mentally draining, as they are time demanding. Especially with the increasingly complex regulation changes, such as the new European Due Diligence act.

However, not keeping up to date with these actions can lead to failing an audit which may result in the loss of certification, which can have significant financial and reputational consequences for all parties. These are one of many challenges faced in supply chain approval, more on the problems as well as software solution benefits can be read in our previously published article here.

Therefore, to get through Audit seasons more comfortably, reaping the best results possible, it is fair to consider compliance software solutions such as Agriplace. The benefit of Agriplace´s Supply Chain Approval is it provides greater visibility into the supply chain, a more efficient use of time, ultimately resulting in more cost-effective business practices. It allows stakeholders to track the compliance of goods and materials throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. This increased visibility helps to identify potential issues before they become major problems, allowing for timely intervention and resolution.

As you can see below users can save their reputation by receiving immediate notifications if a supplier has been suspended. Auditors have also shown appreciation to those who show initiative in adopting such solutions, as it translates into proactively wanting to be compliant, transparent and carefully securing your records

Email Notification for a suspended GLOBAL G.A.P. status

Dashboard showcasing the number of certficiations that are 'Missing', 'Expired' and 'Expiring soon'.
Dashboard showcasing the number of certficiations that are 'Missing', 'Expired' and 'Expiring soon'.

Arriving to the point, that with Agriplace, you can take proactive steps to comply with the EU General Food Law Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, which requires all actors in the food supply chain to ensure food safety and traceability. By having our GLOBALG.A.P. database integration, that notifies and sends out automatic requests for expired certificates, you help solidify your documental record tracking for audits. In summary, Agriplace provides a comprehensive solution for supply chain approval and a place to securely store and manage documents, enabling you to achieve your audit goals with ease and peace of mind.

Why not take steps to make Audit life easier and reputationally safer? Visit our website for more information and secure your free demo today!

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