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Insight into laboratory analyses like never before

Rigorously reduce your time spent managing lab results and customer compliance with our lab analyses module. We automatically collect results from laboratories like Groen Agro and Eurofins LZV, as well as suppliers. This allows you to easily analyze the aggregated results for risk assessment and supplier management purposes.

Lab Analyses Management

Private connections with laboratories

Data from lab analyses is automatically filled such as MRL and active ingredients

Easily store and find results on supplier, product or variety.

Instant and secured insight in your results from Groen Agro Control & Eurofins LZV

Automatic collection from suppliers

Details such as active ingredients and MRL% can be recorded

Information can be combined with own lab analyses to provide a complete overview

Suppliers can easily share lab analyses before providing product

Ensure customer compliance

Customer checks bases on the laboratory’s assessment, or easily add your own

Effortlessly share lab results with customers

Automated checks on customer requirements.

Complete overview of quality of suppliers

Find valid certificates, inspections and the latest analyses in one overview

Ensure a complete supplier evaluation

Combine lab analyses with other quality information in Chain Compliance

Find risk before it finds you

Analyse exceedances based on product, origin, active substances, etc.

The foundation for simply creating sampling plans and evaluating supplier performance

Automated and configurable insight based on your aggregated lab results

Power-up your supply chain
with additional features

Lab Analyses Module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results from suppliers

ERP Connections

Always have up to date information about quality statuses in your internal systems

Sustainability Risk Assessment

Gain significant insight into social, environmental and governance risks in your supply chain

Trusted by companies around the world

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