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The largest
supply chain 
approval platform

We help buyers of agricultural products gain insight and save time in collecting, managing, and sharing of quality, sustainability and social information from their suppliers. 

Supply Chain Approval

From emails and excel sheets to automatic collection and insight 

Effortlessly collect
supplier information

Suppliers easily share documents through their personalized portal

Notifications ensure information is collected before it expires

Suppliers easily share documents through their personalized portal

Trusted by companies worldwide

Automatic collection from GLOBALG.A.P., QS, BRC and more

Connections enable insight in GLOBALG.A.P., QS, GRASP, Tesco Nurture, SIZA, BRC, Planetproof and more

PDFs of certificates are created, which can be shared with customers or auditors

Certificates are automatically collected from databases based on supplier id’s, saving you and suppliers time

Ensure customer compliance

Automated checks on certificate or lab analyses compliance

Information can easily be shared with clients

Check what product is suitable for which client or market at a single glance

Gain valuable supply chain insight

Ensure the traceabilty of products and producers

Map out relationships and gain insight into your supply chain

Suppliers can easily share grower / traceability lists digitally

‘’The cloud based technology saves us time and effort as we can see all the needed information in one place.”

- Alejandro Solis Martinez QA Manager BerryWorld

Find out why BerryWorld chooses us

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Power-up your supply chain
with additional features

Lab Analyses Module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results from suppliers

ERP Connections

Always have up to date information about quality statuses in your internal systems

Sustainability Risk Assessment

Gain significant insight into social, environmental and governance risks in your supply chain

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supply chain approval solution?
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“Agriplace Chain is a cost and time effective tool that makes it easy to comply with the GLOBALG.A.P. CoC requirements"
- Lysaris Escalante (Quality Manager at Northen Greens)

“We use Supply Chain Approval by Agriplace daily to collect, monitor, and handle due diligence data and paperwork automatically”
- Pascalle van Bergenhenegouwen, (Quality Assurance at Jaguar)

More insight into your supply chain

Ensure compliance from supplier to grower

Ensure customer and regulatory compliance

Automated checks on certificates and lab analyses

Save time through automated collection

Simple sharing for suppliers and certificate database connections

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