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Manage a safe supply chain

We help buyers of agricultural products gain insight and save time in collecting, managing, and sharing of quality information from their suppliers as well as ease supplier approval. Explore why a growing network of 100 buyers and 90.000 farmers use AgriPlace Chain to manage their certificates, lab analyses, declarations and more

Farm Audit

Ensure certification in no time

Farm Audit digitizes the certification process. We make it easy for farmers and farmer groups to go from folders, excel and days of work to a simple digital handbook which saves time and ensures certification.

How it works

Choose certificates


Upload your evidence documents


Fill in remaining questions


Choose auditor and share data


Start your audit with confidence

View your results per standard and see if you comply

Share results with your auditors via de platform so information can be reviewed

Data privacy & safety

  • Secure environment to which only you have access to

  • You own the information on the platform

  • Share what you want with auditors

(Offline) Mobile Data Collection 

  • Collect data on any device using Android

  • Online/Offline functionality

  • Use your camera to gather data

Martin Topper

"Instead of spending 3 days filling out forms, figuring out changes in standards such as GLOBALG.A.P. I can do my audit preparation within an afternoon and with ease."

Trusted by the industry

Try for free

Discover how you can save more than 50% of time spent on obtaining certification. After 30 days for free the price will be 225 euro per year.

Standards available on the platform

Are we missing a standard you would like to comply with? Let us know on

Save time by reusing information

Questions are automatically answered when evidence documents are uploaded (up to 50%).

Information and evidence documents can be reused from previous years and across standards

Obtain multiple certificates at once

Easily select one or multiple certifications you would like to comply with.

Overlap across certifications is identified automatically, which reduces the amount of questions to be filled out.

Always up to date with new versions & standards

Standards are updated yearly in AgriPlace, ensuring you always fulfil the latest requirements

Information can automatically be found on the right place when new standards are launched

User Stories

Power-up your supply chain
with additional features

Lab Analyses Module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results from suppliers

ERP Connections

Always have up to date information about quality statuses in your internal systems

Sustainability Risk Assessment

Gain significant insight into social, environmental and governance risks in your supply chain

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