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Ensure quality information is available and consistent across your vital business tools. Our RESTful API enables you to connect with your internal system to collect or push information from and to AgriPlace Chain.

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Examples of systems we have interfaces with

Collaborations we are proud of

To clarify the topic of "connection of an Enterprise-Resource-Planning " (ERP) for future users of AgriPlace Chain, we had a detailed conversation with Stefan Kusenberg, Head of IT at Kölla GmbH & Co. KG. In the enclosed summary of this conversation, Mr. Kusenberg reports on the challenges that led the company to use AgriPlace Chain, what solutions our platform offers the company and what results Kölla is already seeing. 

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Power-up your supply chain
with additional features

Lab Analyses Module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results from suppliers

ERP Connections

Always have up to date information about quality statuses in your internal systems

Sustainability Risk Assessment

Gain significant insight into social, environmental and governance risks in your supply chain

Automatically validate certificate statuses

Food safety and social certificate

Updates can be done regularly or instantly

Always up to date certificate information in your ERP prevents risks from ocurring

Synchronize supplier information

Ensure quality information is always available for the right suppliers

Supplier information can be updated based on GLNs/GGNs or other internal identifiers

Always up to date information

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