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Sustainability Risk Assessment

Assess sustainability risks like never before

Gain significant insight into social, environmental and governance risks in your supply chain with our Sustainability Risk Assessment. Thanks to a collaboration with SIFAV, we identify key risks within your supply chain based on 18 renowned databases. This provides a better overview and helps you mitigate risks in your supply chain.

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Assess sustainability risks like never before

Identify risks based on product and location

Identify the risks associated with a supplier based on product and location.

Insights on social, environmental and governance risks

Risks are available on a national and regional scale

Want to know more ?

Do you want to see the sustainability assessment in action? View our short explanatory video by requesting it below or ask for a demonstration from one of our consultants.

Simplify reporting

Easy and efficient due diligence reporting

Mitigate risks

 Find risks before it finds you or your suppliers

From many sources to one

Insight from 18 databases renowned worldwide

From many sources to one

Instant and secure insight from 18 databases renowned worldwide for their sustainability, social and safety data.

Leading and most reliable databases used to assess risk

All risk dimensions are combined products, locations, and volumes to give you a complete overview of risks

Simplify due diligence reporting

Create customized reports based on product, country or region and volume.

Prioritize risks that are important to you by adjusting the weighting of risk dimensions

Create and store your own assessments; Analyze trends from your previous assessments

Address risk based on your insights

Gather risk information about your supply chain and take action in the Agriplace Chain platform

Collect supply chain information with Agriplace Chain

Effortlessly share your assessments with stakeholders

Trusted by companies worldwide

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Lab analysis module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results

Gain insight in your own and suppliers’ lab results. Automatic collection from laboratories and suppliers make managing lab results a piece of cake.

ERP connections

Always up to date quality statuses in your internal systems

Use our RESTful API to connect with internal systems. Always have up to date certification information in your commercial processes.

Chain Compliance

A complete solution for supplier and quality management

Gain insight and save time in collecting, managing and sharing of quality, sustainability and social information from your suppliers 

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Are you looking to save time in the collection of quality information from suppliers? Would your company benefit from one overview of quality in the organization? Request a demo to find out more.

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