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Our mission is to make compliance simple, affordable and insightful for all actors in the supply chain. ​

Our platform is continuously developed further together with retailers, wholesalers, cooperatives, farmers, auditors and standard setters.




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Supply Chain Approval

We help buyers of agricultural products:​

Agriplace Chain

Save up to 70% time in collecting, managing and sharing quality information from suppliers 

Automatically ensure products always fulfil all requirements

Simplify not only supplier but full supply chain approval 


made simple

The leading platform for supplier and quality management. Agriplace enables you to save time and increase insight in your own or supply chain compliance.

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Get certified in no time

AgriPlace Farm digitizes the certification process. We make it easy for farmers to deal with the growing amount of paperwork for certification and the constantly changing standards.

This tool will help you:​

Sustainability Risk Assessment

Increase your insight on environmental, social and  governance risks in your supply chain

Identify key risks based on 18 renowned databases, such as WWF, the World bank and FAO

Mitigate risks in your supply chain based on these risk assessments

This module significantly reduces your time spent managing lab results by helping you:​

Lab Analyses Management

Easily analyse aggregated results for risk assessments and supplier management

Automatically collect results from laboratories including  connections with Groen Agro, Eurofins LZV, and suppliers

We help farmers and producer groups:​

Farm Audit Approval

Agriplace Farm

Save up to 50% of time in audit preparation

Obtain multiple certificates at once

Always stay up-to-date with the latest requirements

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“One of the main benefits over Excel is that Agriplace Chain automatically collects information from suppliers and the GLOBALG.A.P database”​

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“I can only give the tip to traders of fruits and vegetables to really take a serious look at Agriplace Chain, because the topic is coming!”

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“Agriplace helps us share information with customers in an easy and professional manner​”

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“Agriplace Chain allows us to manage suppliers' information faster and more secure”

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"By using Agriplace Chain's platform you can unify and digitize all the documentation"

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