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Agriplace welcomes Staay Food Group

On the 1st of October, Staay Food Group joined Agriplace, the largest compliance platform for safe and sustainable supply chain management in fruit and vegetables.

The international fruit and vegetable supplier thus takes a new step in ensuring quality, reliability and food safety even more effectively. With Agriplace Chain, Staay Food Group now has insights into, certifications, pesticides used, inspection reports of all connected growers at the push of a button and many other things. Collecting and recording all this information can be laborious and prone to human error, therefore, we looked into an automation solution. Staay Food Group chose Agriplace Chain for its comprehensive range of functionalities in managing a safe chain in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Working together on process improvement

''Always ensuring that products throughout the chain meet all requirements is a lot of work'' says Niels Vlasblom, Operations Manager of Staay Food Group. "Process optimisation and improvement is therefore very important to us. We also work with external parties like Agriplace in this respect. This allows us to improve again and again.''

Agriplace solution

"AgriPlace provides a better structure and insight into our data. We can now read directly from growers and other suppliers whether they meet our requirements and those of our customers," says Vlasblom. Among other things, the system helps Staay and its growers by automatically collecting information from databases of GLOBAL G.A.P, PlanetProof and BRC Food.

For more information:

Staay Food Group BV

Niels Vlasblom - Operational Manager


Nico Broersen

+31 (0)6 - 109 609 52

Staay Food Group

Staay Food Group is an independent supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables with its own cultivation and a global network. The family business was founded in 1946 and serves customers from retail, wholesale and trade, foodservice and industry.


Agriplace helps organizations improve their own or suppliers' compliance.

Our solutions help users reduce costs, increase insight, and ensure product compliance, through anticipating and managing every detail of risk.

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