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Use cases of an API connection between Agriplace Chain and an ERP system

This article lays out the main use cases of an application programming interface (API) between Agriplace Chain and your in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (such as Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc.).

Use case 1: Certificate information is always up to date in your ERP

1. All the certificate details (and documents) that are available in your Agriplace Chain account can be accessed from your ERP system

The Agriplace Chain API gives users the ability to perform various actions in relation to certificates and other compliance documentation. Through the API, users can view a list of all documents available in their Agriplace Chain account, as well as view specific details about each document. Users can also upload new documents and update existing ones. Additionally, users are able to look up the documents, download them, or open them up in the browser.

2. Users can do a compliance check on a specific organization based on available documents

With the API, you can access documentation and information on an organization in order to make sure that they are in compliance with your requirements. For example, users can look up if an organization has a specific type of document (e.g. GLOBALG.A.P. IFA, GRASP; BRC; IFS) and, consequently, if it is valid.

Use case 2: Organizations

1. Add new suppliers to Chain

The Chain API enables two-way data exchange between Chain and your organization's ERP system. This means that new suppliers can be automatically created in Chain when they already exist in your ERP, and vice versa. It can also help to streamline processes and reduce errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

2. Synchronize organization details in Chain and your ERP

If your organization uses an ERP system, you can use the Agriplace Chain API to synchronize data between Chain and your ERP. This way, you can keep both systems up-to-date with the latest information.

Use case 3: GLOBALG.A.P. Check

1. Using Agriplace Chain as your supplier approval system allows you to instantly check GLOBALG.A.P. certificates within your ERP. From 2023 this is also a requirement for all companies selling GLOBALG.A.P. certified products.

2. Users are able to have a GG Check in their ERP system by looking at the GLOBAL.G.A.P. details of the partnership.

How does this work?

Users have the possibility to request all GLOBALG.A.P. data regarding a supplier.

The following information visible on the GLOBALG.A.P. database except for the generation of the document itself can be displayed in your ERP system:

  • Date and time of last updates

  • Status

  • Type(s)

  • Name

  • Address

  • Certificate type(s)

  • Expiry date(s)

  • Valid from date(s)

  • Product(s)

  • Status (per product)

3. Users are also able to check the status of a specific product based on an organization and GLOBAL.G.A.P. product ID.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or directly request a demo with one of our ERP experts.


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