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Customer Story Biofrusan

Customer quote: "The introduction of Agriplace revolutionized our compliance management. The platform has not only enabled us to achieve impressive time savings of around 70%, but also a significant increase in efficiency in the daily review of documents and preparation for audits. The Agriplace platform has proven to be an indispensable tool that has not only reduced the complexity of our processes, but has also contributed to a more secure and positive audit experience."  - Kristina Betke, Quality Manager

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"Before implementing Agriplace, we faced challenges in compliance management. Managing supplier compliance information was proving to be complex. Using Excel spreadsheets to track expiration dates was inefficient, as was a self-developed quality control platform that proved too complicated and confusing. Documents were stored on disk drives and certificates were being collected manually via email. This not only led to a loss of overview, but also to a considerable waste of time and great uncertainty, especially in the administration of large producer cooperatives with numerous subcontractors. As soon as the person responsible was on vacation, the collection of documents was not completely secure. The replacement had to be brought up to date every time, which was also time-consuming."


The biggest challenge was the time-consuming email correspondence and the regular manual checking of compliance documents. Losing track of long supply chain structures with many producers and the constant search for missing or expired documents was frustrating. Manually searching external databases for up-to-date information on suppliers was an additional burden. In this context, the introduction of Agriplace provided a transformative solution to these compliance management challenges.  The Solution

"Agriplace's outstanding solutions include the integration of database connections such as BRC and GlobalG.A.P., resulting in comprehensive and automated data management. The system automatically retrieves all BRC and GlobalG.A.P. certificate statuses from suppliers in real time to verify that, for example, all Integrated Farm Assurance and GRASP requirements are met. The platform's ability to automatically collect supplier questionnaires, supplier declarations, declarations of compliance, specifications for products and packaging as well as IFS, organic and Fairtrade certificates and other documents has not only minimized manual effort, but has also led to consistent and reliable data collection.  


Agriplace's automated requests and notifications have greatly simplified the entire information gathering process. Previously, documents had to be collected manually via email, which resulted in a high error rate and inefficient communication. With the Agriplace platform, this is done automatically, which not only saves time, but also ensures the accuracy and completeness of the information collected. 


The Agriplace dashboard provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the compliance status. This enables effective self-checking and minimizes the need for time-consuming manual checks. The ability to store specifications for products and packaging further helps to bundle all relevant information in one central location and maintain an overview. The flexibility of Agriplace allows us to make individual adjustments and respond to changing requirements. This is crucial not only to meet current needs, but also to keep an eye on future developments."

  The Result

"The introduction of Agriplace has brought significant progress in compliance management for our company. Before using Agriplace, we spent a lot of time manually reviewing documents and communicating with suppliers. These time-consuming processes are now a thing of the past as Agriplace saves us around 70% of the time. The platform allows us to check the dashboard daily in just a few minutes, which results in significant time savings and increased efficiency. 


Especially during the audits, we feel more secure with Agriplace. The ability to have all the necessary documents at a glance shortly before the audits not only improves audit preparation, but has also led to positive feedback from IFS Broker auditors and EU organic auditors. The platform has also significantly improved communication between different departments. Automated requests and the option to leave messages facilitate a transparent exchange of information. This not only promotes internal collaboration between quality management, sales and purchasing, but also improves flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements.  


Another significant advance is the safeguarding of knowledge and the possibility of absence replacement. Agriplace has made it possible to better document knowledge about compliance requirements. During absences, the platform can be accessed seamlessly, resulting in improved continuity. 

The platform also makes it much easier to meet customer requirements. Even in the absence of the person primarily responsible, automatically requested documents can be found quickly and passed on to customers."  


Our tips for companies that want to use the Agriplace platform:  

  • Use the trial version extensively to understand all the functions.  

  • Actively involve different departments in using the platform.  

  • Explore the automated request and notification features to get the full benefit.

  • Encourage the team to actively explore the platform to develop a better understanding of the possibilities and benefits. 


"Overall, the Agriplace platform has not only optimized our compliance management processes, but has also led to increased efficiency, security during audits and improved customer service. Biofrusan experienced the implementation and onboarding of Agriplace as pleasant and easy."

 "All questions during the introductory phase were answered clearly and the user interface proves to be very intuitive. The trial version allowed me to thoroughly explore the functions, which facilitated understanding and acceptance. Even for less tech-savvy people, using Agriplace was easy and effective. In addition, the platform is constantly evolving, making it increasingly easy to use. The customer support should also be emphasized as the Agriplace employees are always ready to help with questions or if something is unclear." 

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