We are a global platform for agricultural compliance, making managing compliance data easy. We believe in partnership and develop our solutions together with our partners based on trust and mutual appreciation. We are an independent initiative and our mission is to make the food chain transparent and sustainable by enabling data and technology accessible for farm compliance. The platform is developed together with traders, cooperatives, farmers, auditors, standard setters and food companies. 



Through digital transformation we make farm compliance easy and affordable for all actors in the supply chain Thereby we help farmers and food companies improve their sustainable practices.


We believe that the use of data and technology can enable transparent and sustainable food supply chains at scale.



 The platform development is driven by our 4 core values. 

It is our goal to provide all actors in the supply chain with practical and cost-efficient solutions and help you to manage and monitor your compliance process and manage your compliance documents. In this way, we want to contribute to sustainable and transparent food supply chains.

Sustainability & Transparency


We believe that only if all partners in the supply chain work together, sustainable and social just food production and consumption can be realized. That is why we always develop our solutions in collaboration with our partners and users. We want to strengthen the position of farmers and farmers should be rewarded for improving their sustainable practices


AgriPlace is all about compliance data. And data is a valuable good. All documents and data you add to AgriPlace is owned by you as a user. We treat the information entrusted to us by our clients with the greatest care. Only the user decides what happens to the documents and data and with whom it is shared. An integer relationship is at the core of all our work and client relations.  


 AgriPlace is a simplifier. We are a partner that makes less out of more. We are here to guide our partners and users into the world of certification and compliance and prepare them for a future in which data and technology is the key. AgriPlace is here to simplify and offer concise and understandable information, advice and services.


A group of enthusiastic and committed professionals

Our team is characterized by diversity, international experience, agricultural background, in-depth IT expertise and drive. We use this to realize our mission: through digital transformation, we make farm compliance easy and affordable for all actors in the supply chain. Thereby we help farmers improve their sustainable practices step by step.


The team is divided into different departments, each with its own specializations:


Standards & Data for keeping the content up to date on certification standards worldwide

Service Management for Service and Customer Support

Marketing & Sales for sales and sales support to our Business Partners

Software Development for the IT development of our platform

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