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Learn how companies like BerryWorld and Keelings have automated insight in food safety and sustainab


Hosted by Fruitnet & Agriplace, in this webinar, you can learn about:

- What is to be expected in the food safety, social & sustainability space for the coming years

- How to save time and gain insight in the collection, validation and sharing of quality and sustainability information through the supply chain

- Experience of users of AgriPlace Chain will be shared such as BerryWorld

- Introduction of the AgriPlace Chain platform.

Agriplace Chain has a network of 90,000 producers in fresh produce among its users are a growing number of forward facing companies in Europe such as: Dole, BerryWorld, Keelings, Halls, Fruitmasters, Foodiverse, Jaguar Fresh, Harvest House, Best Fresh Group, Roveg and KOLLA


  • Introduction and insight in how food safety & sustainability has evolved and will develop in the future

  • Presentation challenges and solutions in managing food safety, social & sustainability information

  • Demonstration of the AgriPlace Chain platform

  • Questions & Answers

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