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Customer Story RIZZI GROUP

Jürgen Rungg, who has successfully served as the Quality Manager of Rizzi Group for the past three years, recently shared his experience of how Agriplace has played a role in improving his work life. In our conversation with Jürgen, he highlighted the initial challenges he faced in managing the multitude of documents and certification management required from suppliers and industry standards. In this story we discover how joining Agriplace provided him with a transformative solution, simplifying and streamlining this naturally time-consuming task. With Agriplace, Jürgen found a centralized system that saved him precious time and alleviated the burden of certificate management, which we will delve more into. “In Rizzi Group we belief that transparency and real time access to certifications are key for our clients. Therefore, we looked for the best solution on the market that bundles as hub all all the documentation you need for the whole chain, ensuring that all certifications are valid and easily accessible.”

Jürgen Rungg, Quality management

Problem: Rizzi Group, a key player in the fruit and vegetable sector, despite esteemed efforts faced significant challenges when it came to effectively managing their suppliers. The existing system proved burdening, confusing, and labor-intensive. Not only that but additionally, visualizing the complex supply chain, centralizing communication, and streamlining document management were persistent struggles due to outdated methods. All of which naturally led to a need for a solution that will help automate seasonal document requests, and support critical certifications like GlobalG.A.P. CoC, IFS, EU-Bio, and Bioland audits. Solution:

Agriplace emerged as the company boosting solution, tailored to address Rizzi Group specific needs, the platform's intuitive features tackle their pain points head-on. By automatically activating requirement rules based on seasons, Agriplace simplifies supplier management. The comprehensive visualization of the supply chain provides Rizzi Fresh with a clear overview and control of requirements. Through the centralized platform, they efficiently manage documents and communicate with suppliers while also benefiting from database connections that automate document generation. Result:

The adoption of Agriplace results in a fundamental transformation of Rizzi Group’s supplier management practices. Proactive management and transparent compliance have become their new norm. With Agriplace's support for chain of custody certification through real-time integration with the GLOBALG.A.P. database, Rizzi Fresh achieves compliance with ease. Timely reminders ensure suppliers remain certified, assisting in mitigating risks and eliminating any certification gaps. The platform's automation capabilities facilitate the seamless exchange of supplier declarations and internal documents, helping Rizzi streamline their workflows. Compliance with Option 1 (which is for a producer) and Option 2(is for a producer group) is achieved, covering the entire supply chain, including brokers and upstream suppliers. Audits such as IFS Broker, EU-Bio, and Bioland are efficiently managed through centralized document management and comprehensive audit history. Rizzi Fresh now enjoys a centralized overview of the supply chain, effortlessly meeting all quality and customer requirements. Effective communication with suppliers becomes a reality, enhancing overall supplier management practices.

In summary, Agriplace becomes the catalyst for Rizzi Group's successful supplier management journey, enabling compliance, transparency, and operational efficiency. The partnership with Agriplace empowers them to proactively meet industry standards, streamline audits, and establish stronger supplier relationships, all while doing what they do best and that is providing top quality fresh produce to their beloved customers.

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