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Customer Story ASF Group

"From the beginning of the implementation the whole process actually went very smoothly. The knowledge, availability and helpfulness of Agriplace is extraordinary. It has been a positive experience for us in many ways. By putting in just a little energy the system is effortless to use.” – Tobias, IT manager

About ASF Group

ASF Group has been active for over 25 years in packing and supplying soft fruit to retailers, food services and wholesalers throughout Europe. They have a substantial group of own growers and consist of a number of import and packing companies, such as ASF holland.

Tobias Geraedts, former IT manager at ASF Holdings explains how Agriplace helps with automatic collection of certificates and creating insight in supplier information.


Management and maintenance of supplier information previously took place on an internal ERP system, supplemented by files on an internal network location. This way of working took a lot of time, resulted in little overview and was very error prone. This made it difficult to ensure that all the information was always up-to-date and correct.


Agriplace has improved the structure and overview of our data. We can immediately see where we stand in terms of supplier information through the supplier overview in the system. The automated collection of information also saves us a lot of time. Suppliers find it a pleasant way to supply information, and for us it is then easy to share information with customers.


Insight into and sharing of information has greatly improved since the use of Agriplace. Apart from the fact that it saves time, it is also a pleasant system to work in, both for the user and for the supplier. Agriplace also supported us well with a smooth and pleasant implementation of the system. They also listen carefully to feedback and the system is constantly being developed.

For more information: Simon Elting Agriplace +31 6 14 38 82 00

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