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Agriplace Welcomes New ERP Partner: B.i.Team

We are excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with B.i.Team, a leading player in digitizing business processes through powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to streamline compliance management for clients and enhance sustainability practices across the industry.


At the core of this partnership is the seamless integration of the Agriplace API interface into Freshfin, B.i.Team's ERP system exclusively tailored to the fruit and vegetable industry. This collaboration promises a range of benefits for our joint customers.


Firstly, real-time data synchronization becomes effortless, allowing customers to manage suppliers and intelligently request documents based on up-to-date supply chain data. This provides valuable insights for procurement and informed decision-making for optimal product allocation.


Secondly, streamlined communication and automated document sharing, integrated with databases such as GlobalG.A.P, BRC, QS and others, simplify processes and save time compared to manual work.


Thirdly, the connection to the Agriplace API interface simplifies onboarding processes for all invited suppliers. With more suppliers and buyers onboarded to the Agriplace network, efficient collaboration and document sharing become seamless, facilitating easy supply chain management.


Our collaboration with B.i.Team not only opens doors to new market segments and expansion opportunities but also strengthens our competitive advantage. Ultimately, this expanded partnership demonstrates our shared dedication to fostering positive change in the industry.



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