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Why is Lab Analysis Management relevant for the Dutch market?

As awareness grows on how important residue checks along the fruit and vegetable supply chain are, more and more retailers are setting up strict MRL values and blacklists for the products they purchase. In order to step up to these demands, many companies are doing their best to ensure safe and high-quality products by performing multiple residue analysis on products from hundreds of different growers each year. Having to deal with both EU legislations and retail requirements can be challenging. First of all, keeping track of those who need to be sampled can be difficult, as the sampling plan is done based on the previous year’s results; the more residue found, the more sampling required. A second challenge arises from the way in which the results are received and manually uploaded in order to be compared with the legal and retail requirements. Although the labs give information by benchmarking against some standards, they do not give a full overview. This is also the case for blacklists, which are not automatically highlighted in the results, thus companies need to check these requirements manually.

Agriplace’s Lab Analysis module can give users unique insights into their laboratory analysis and help ensure safe and high-quality products. It helps reduce the time spent managing lab results and customer compliance, by automatically collecting results from laboratories, like Normec Groen Agro Control and Eurofins LZV, or directly from suppliers.

How can Lab Analysis provide quality information?

Mainly it is able to do so through its private connections with top laboratories, which use the Agriplace platform as a way to share the data with suppliers while maintaining the results private. The connection of these with the system ensures that information, such as MRL and active ingredients, is extracted from analysis reports automatically. Additionally, by adding all the information to the system, it is possible to use filters, such as supplier or product type, which can give the user different useful insights. Further down the line it will be possible to export this information directly on Excel.

Furthermore, suppliers can easily their share lab analysis results before supplying the product to their buyers. This function can help buyers prevent purchasing products which are not compliant with their own or their customer requirements. The platform can record details, such as active ingredients and MRL %, as well as combining the information with the company’s lab analysis report that they have retrieved from suppliers, in order to provide a complete overview.

What does the Lab Analysis module guarantee?

Agriplace’s Lab Analysis can help ensure customer compliance thanks to its automated checks on customer requirements. These checks can be based either on the laboratory’s assessment or on the users own added requirements. The results can then be effortlessly shared with customers.

Secondly, this module is combined with our Supply Chain Approval platform, which helps suppliers have a complete overview by combining lab analysis results with other quality information. Important information, such as valid certificates, declarations and the latest analysis will be all collected into one overview, ensuring a complete and up-to-date supplier approval process.

Why do many Dutch companies choose the Lab Analysis module?

The Lab analysis module can help users find the risks in their supply chains before it finds them. Through the automated and configurable insights based on the aggregated lab results, it is possible to create sampling plans and evaluate supplier performance.

Overall, this tool simplifies the life of quality managers, by making the collection and analysis of documents and certificates as straightforward and simple as possible. By having this effortless collection combined with the lab analyses module, users can gain increased insights on an aggregated data level. Its newest feature was designed with just that in mind, as it includes the option of having graphs to ensure an even clearer understanding of the data presented.

Curious to learn more about how Lab Analysis can be useful for you? Feel free to visit our website and request a demo.

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