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Customer Story Landgard

Landgard España is a company that operates in Valencia, Spain, and is involved in the distribution (buying and selling) of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. They value supporting the local regions and therefore work closely with local farmers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards and offer a wide range of products to customers. As sustainability and quality control is a central component part of their strategic orientation, they naturally explored ways of optimizing their business practices.

For us, Agriplace's most valuable tool is its ability to instantly show us whether our suppliers have their certifications up to date. Furthermore, Agriplace sends us a notification if any supplier's certification is suspended, so we no longer have to spend hours verifying that everything is in order: a significant advancement for the safety of the products we market and a fundamental pillar for achieving the highest score in our IFS and Global GAP audits.

Irene Ferrando Patzak, Quality Manager


Previously, Landgard’s main challenges involved manually collecting and managing supplier certificates. They had access to multiple databases, such as GLOBAL.G.A.P , BRC, and IFS, but in every case they had to check and download certificates manually and one by one. Therefore, the management and updating of expiring certificates was also a challenge, as their previous system only alerted them when certificates were about to expire one week prior to the expiring date, naturally leading to a consuming buildup of reminders and the challenge of being aware of which certificates had been renewed. On top of that, they struggled to obtain a global view of their supply chains and their compliance, which also became necessary due to new certification requirements such as GLOBALG.A.P.’s Chain of Custody. All of which lich led to the issue of having the fear of purchasing products without proper certifications and failing audits.

Solution: Streamlined Certificate Management with Agriplace

Agriplace Chain provided the perfect solution for Landgard's challenges. The platform's interfaces with GLOBALG.A.P. and BRC databases eliminating the need for manual downloads and automating the certificate management process. Agriplace Chain centralized certification information, ensuring real-time updates and a comprehensive view of supply chain certifications.

Result: Enhanced Compliance, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind

The implementation of Agriplace Chain brought significant outcomes for Landgard. The connections Agriplace has with GLOBALG.A.P. and BRC databases improved compliance management while notifications regarding lost certifications finally provided a sense of security during audits. Finally, the platform’s intuitive features streamlined workflows, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

One of the decision-making factors that led to Landgard choosing Agriplace Chain over other solutions was its tailored functionalities and precise alignment with their needs. The introduction and implementation of the platform was efficient, and thought-through, Landgard gladly expressed high satisfaction with the process.

Agriplace Chain helped Landgard's drastically improve their supplier certificate management. The platform's automation, centralized view, and compliance features ensured smooth operations and improved supplier relationships. Langard advises companies considering Agriplace Chain to keep supplier information organized and take advantage of the tool's intuitiveness. Agriplace Chain's streamlined processes and real-time insights offer peace of mind and facilitate successful audits.


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