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About the Webinar

Learn how to automate the collection and management of quality information in your supply chain and how BerryWorld and Fairtrasa have automated this process and can guarantee product always fulfills their and customer requirements. The webinar takes place on Thursday the 20th of May from 13:00 – 14:00 pm. The webinar is for free.

AgriPlace Chain helps companies manage quality information from their supply chain in their own secure cloud database. This is done by automating the collection, management and sharing of information such as certifications, declarations and analyses. In this webinar we will explain how to move to an automated process to ensure product always fulfills your or customer quality requirements. This helps you provide the highest service, several forward facing companies will explain why they use AgriPlace Chain


  • 1. intro - 10 mins

  • 2. presentation challenges and solutions in managing compliance - 20 mins

  • 3. demo of the system - 15 mins

  • 4. Q&A - 15 mins

AgriPlace Chain's Success

Since the end of 2019, AgriPlace Chain has been broadly introduced within the Dutch and Belgian fruit and vegetable trade. Now,  we are meeting a fruit and vegetable companies' needs. These companies need to simplify their chain's quality information more easily. German-speaking companies have a great interest in our solution, also the UK and Ireland.

Some of the large businesses that are now trusting us include Keelings in Ireland and a KOLLA and Widmann (Gemusering) in Germany."