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As the need for insight into sustainability risk in global fruit and vegetable supply chains is presenting challenges for many actors in the industry, Agriplace has partnered with SIFAV (Sustainable Fruits and Vegetable Initiative of idh) to build a new module, which enables the user to monitor and mitigate environmental, social, and governance risks.

The Sustainability Risk Assessment module identifies key action points based by combining the user´s purchasing data (on the basis of country; region; volume & product) with data from 18 industry leading sustainability databanks. The result is a customized, actionable and clear risk analysis, which is the basis of modern due-diligence reporting.

In this webinar you will gain a detailed understanding about the creation of this innovative module, the use cases it fulfills for current users, and how its functionalities can benefit your organization.

The webinar is in English, hosted by Key Account Manager Frederic Unger from Agriplace and features guest speaker Astrid Beaten, Program Manager, Food Crops & Ingredients from SIFAV.


  • Introduction to sustainability challenges in the fruit and vegetable industry

  • SIFAV and its members

  • The Sustainability Risk Assessment module

  • How does this new module tie into Agriplace Chain?

  • Q&A

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Sustainability Risk Assessment with Agriplace & SIFAV

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