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In this webinar with AgriPlace & GLOBALG.AP, you will learn how the fruit and vegetable wholesale trade can automate the collection of information on food safety, social certificates and sustainability from suppliers.

The world of food safety and social standards has evolved rapidly in recent years. The quality requirements of supermarkets and consumers for fruit and vegetables are constantly increasing. This leads to heavy workload and challenges for wholesalers to ensure products meet customer requirements.

In this webinar you will learn:

- What to expect in the coming years when it comes to sustainability standards and social norms.

- How to save time when collecting, validating and sharing documents from suppliers and producers, while improving visibility.

Thanks to members such as N&K, Dole, BerryWorld, Kölla, Keelings, Le Dauphin, Halls, Fruit Masters, Special Fruit, Spreafico and Westfalia, AgriPlace Chain constitutes the largest quality platform in Europe with more than 90,000 fruit growers and vegetables.

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Des chaînes d'approvisionnement sûres et durables

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