Creating a more sustainable world

Our mission is to create sustainable, socially just and transparent food chains. We do this by making sharing  compliance information simple, insightful and affordable for all players in the supply chain.   

AgriPlace is committed to contributing to the following sustainability goals, in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

defined by the United Nations

Improve safety, productivity and sustainability practices for farmers
Enable access to markets with certification and visibility for farmers
Create one transparent network in agriculture globally

Improve safety and sustainability practices of farmers

We help farmers and cooperatives of farmers, to digitize all compliance data they need to collect, in order to prepare for audits for standards like GLOBALG.A.P., PlanetProof and GRASP. They can share this information with their external auditor, who can already do a part of the audit work remotely. Cooperatives can support all their farmers and help them identify improvement points, so they can work on continuously improvement of their sustainability practices.


Enable access to markets with certification and visibility

We help farmers and cooperatives with our system to comply with the certification requirements of food companies, retailers and other buyers, in order to be able to get access to new markets and buyers, against a better price.


Today, there is very little visibility of the sustainability impacts throughout food value chains, making it challenging to identify and drive improvement. Gaining transparency through measurement and reporting across the value chain is a critical step in the path toward improving the sustainability of food systems.


One global network

As soon as farmers become part of a global network, they are able to sell their products to new buyers and markets. For this they need to show that they comply with all requirements, regarding safe, socially just and sustainable food.

Creating transparency in global supply chains will benefit producers to more easily find the right buyers based on their sustainability efforts. Buyers have the advantage that they can select those farmers, that can provide them with the right quality and can reward producers that produce in a sustainable and qualitative way. This creates more sustainable and fair supply chains.

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