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AgriPlace receives subsidy from REACT-EU fund

20th May 2021

Amsterdam, 13 July 2021 - AgriPlace, the international platform for sustainability and safety in the food sector, has been awarded a grant of almost €400.000. The REACT-EU Fund supports the Dutch company with the further digitisation of sustainability data in agricultural supply chains. Objectives of the subsidy project are to save time and costs, to make the agricultural sector greener and to strengthen its position. AgriPlace is taking care of the implementation together with five innovative partners, The Greenery, consultation platform AgroConnect, the Best Fresh Group, Jaguar The Fresh Company and Vereniging ZLTO.

A database and three modules

As part of the project, a new database and three modules are being developed within the AgriPlace platform. With a public database, compliance information will be made available to all parties in the chain in a secure way. Farmers and companies can use it for free to share information with customers. The new Sustainability Management module must provide insight into the improvement points for sustainability and reduce risks in that area. The Lab Analysis module automates the collection and checking of analyses and the Digital Auditing module makes certification cheaper and faster by facilitating cooperation between producers and auditors on the platform. 

Good news for the agricultural sector

Nico Broersen, Account Manager at AgriPlace, about the new development: "AgriPlace was founded with the aim of making the food sector more sustainable through digitalization. This project is therefore perfectly suited to us. The investment enables us to give buyers and producers more insight into quality, sustainability and at the same time save time and money for companies in the agricultural sector. In addition, the insight into the state of affairs in the field of sustainability and food safety will increase, so that points for improvement can be identified quickly. This will strengthen the position of the agricultural sector, both for export and for domestic sales.

About AgriPlace

AgriPlace is a global platform that provides access to the growing amount of information on sustainability and safety in the food sector. It makes obtaining and sharing certification easier for producers and buyers can easily secure food safety and sustainability aspects of suppliers. The company was founded to make agricultural supply chains more sustainable through digitalisation. The innovative cloud platform makes quality management and communication between all parties in the food chain easier, safer and cheaper. AgriPlace was developed in cooperation with auditors, cooperatives, traders, retailers and leading standards bodies. 

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