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Customer story Quality Pack

“AgriPlace enables us to efficiently ensure we serve our highest priority which are our customer's needs.”

Dirk Spek, Quality Assurance

Quality Pack is a packaging company with many years of experience in the international fruit and vegetable market. The company serves various international markets and has relations in Ethiopia and Egypt, among others, the Middle East.

Dirk Spek, explains how AgriPlace Chain helps Quality Pack to automate information collection.

It is a high priority to serve the consumer and customer needs on the highest possible level thus keeping track of information from all suppliers and products can be a lot of work. That's why we were looking for another solution and started looking for possibilities to automate this

AgriPlace Chain makes it possible to automatically collect, monitor, and manage supplier documentation. The software also ensures that we always have the documentation requested by customers at hand and can easily share it. This results in a more effective and efficient way of maintaining and collecting compliance data.

With AgriPlace Chain we save time and are able to track and manage all supplier information in a structured way.

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