Our partners are specialized companies, that have more than proven their expertise and experience in this complex and fast-changing world, which is the reason why we work with our Dutch and international partners that are driven by the same principles as us: they understand farmers problems, challenges, technologies areas, compliance, and data management.


GreenlinQ data

GreenlinQdata is a Dutch company that supports horticultural entrepreneurs and their sales organizations to strengthen their position in the chain on the basis of practical and smart information systems. With their products, they support entrepreneurs with tracking & tracing, crop registration, and auditing. 

The company helps growers in horticulture with the registration and reporting of all information concerning cultivation. And they ensure that this information is exchanged for producer organizations and trading companies. In this way, GreenlinQ data contributes to a paperless, digital horticultural chain.

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eFoodPrint is a Spanish company specialized in the development of software and services for the agricultural sector. The company provides software solutions, training, and services to save time and optimize the management of agricultural information. The solution is to help digitize and improve agriculture including Agri-Food Cooperatives, Production Companies, Phytosanitary Distributors, Consultants, and Independent Technicians which are their clients.  




Centricity is an American company that is enabling global "Farm to Table Knowledge"​ through its secure, real-time knowledge sharing framework and efficient workflow tools. The company diverse team includes accomplished executives with real-world operational and execution expertise and broad multi-sector experience. Together, they are helping to create a safe, sustainable and secure global food and fiber ecosystem powered by actionable data and insightful analytics. This securely accessible information empowers small and large stakeholders equitably and increases their ability to contribute in a positive and meaningful way to their community and our planet  



ApRecs was founded in 2011 and is located in North-Central Washington. 

The company provides simple to use, food safety record keeping solutions so that Growers can focus on growing, Packers can ship to market quickly and Marketers can be reassured of a compliant product. The solutions include an online website, mobile apps and paper forms that make it easy to track spray records, applicators, and equipment and location maps in a simple and secure manner.

The growers control who sees what information and when. In addition to full-service training and support, they also provide a service that converts paper records into actionable information—this allows growers to keep focused on growing while providing the information the markets require.