AgriPlace Chain is growing rapidly

01 October 2020

"In the first 6 months of 2020, more than 20 companies in fruit and vegetables have started to make full use of the system. We see the number of companies registering for free also increasing rapidly on the platform this ensures that companies in AGF worldwide can easily collect and share information," 

AgriPlace addresses the importance of transparency

07 February 2020

Nico Broersen Junior of AgriPlace, the global platform for agricultural compliance, discusses AgriPlace Chain, a tool to facilitate information-sharing in order to minimise risk in the supply chain

"Quality management automated from A-Z"

03 June 2020

Two Dutch companies, AgriPlace and Kleemans, recently joined forces. They want to offer Kleemans' clients the benefits associated with AgriPlace Chain. With Pro-aQt, Kleemans offer expert quality advice and digital solutions. They can now provide a total supplier management solution thanks to AgriPlace Chain.

GLOBALG.A.P and AgriPlace Chain are now connected

28 January 2020

“The connection between the two databases ensures that all GLOBALG.A.P. data is up-to-date. AgriPlace Chain users enter a GLOBALG.A.P. Number once and everything else is completed automatically by the system.” 

Kompas Quality and AgriPlace Chain

06 May 2020

AgriPlace Chain in combination with Kompas, can offer a full service and takes care of the control and validation of the documents so that everything remains up-to-date. Every year, a company sometimes has to supply thousands of documents related to quality requirements.

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