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Customer story Jaguar Fresh

“AgriPlace Chain is used by us daily to collect, monitor, and handle due diligence data and paperwork automatically.”

Pascalle van Bergenhenegouwen, Quality Assurance

Jaguar, the fresh company B.V is an importer and distributor of fresh produce operating worldwide with offices in China, South Africa, Egypt, and Peru. Sustainability is an integral part of their values always trying to improve their supply chain continuously.


Pascalle van Bergenhenegouwen, explains how AgriPlace Chain helps Jaguar the Fresh Company to always be up to date with compliance information in their chain.

Processing and maintaining a diverse set of compliance data, as well as keeping large Excel files up to date, consumed a significant amount of time and effort. That's why we were on the lookout for a different option.

The connection with GLOBALG.AP. enables us to automatically see the status of products. This is easily done by filling in a GGN number once. Also, the quality agreements, traceability data, pesticide lists, residue reports, and a wide range of other information we need on a daily basis to meet our customer requirements are easily collected and processed.

We are currently working together towards a system where we can automatically see which product and which supplier is suitable for which customer based on their requirements.

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