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Customer story Gebrüder Gentile AG

"I can only give the tip to traders of fruits and vegetables to really take a serious look at AgriPlace Chain, because the topic is coming!"

Renato Häfliger, CEO of Gebr. Gentile AG

Gebr. Gentile AG is a Swiss distributor of fruit and vegetables with 75 employees and offers wholesale distributors as well as wholesale customers, industrial customers and franchisees a full range of products all year round.

Renato Häflinger shares his impressions of AgriPlace chain and how it benefits his business

The challenge before AgriPlace Chain was the management and collection of supplier certificates, a task with a lot of manual work, as certificates and documents were requested by e-mail and then managed in Excel. This form of data management was no longer appropriate for Gebr. Gentile AG, as this manual request and management of supplier documents impaired the growth of the supplier base and the company. Added to this were the constantly increasing requirements of the retail trade, especially for social certificates, which further increased the workload of supplier data collection.

"I implemented AgriPlace Chain myself, it went well and was quite simple," says Mr. Häfliger. "Even from growers, agencies, and suppliers who now provide documents for us in the supplier portal, I have not received any negative feedback about the new way of working with AgriPlace Chain." Employees from the incoming goods department and the warehouse of Gebr. Gentile AG also works with AgriPlace Chain, but not on a daily basis. The manager mentioned that "employees who do not work with a computer on a daily basis find AgriPlace Chain very intuitive. The user-friendliness is simply great!"

"The time savings with AgriPlace Chain are of course there, but these are only minor advantages compared to the fact that we now have all the information clearly structured and up to date." Mr. Häfliger is also sure that transparency and holistic insight into the supply chain is a current topic, which will soon play a major role for other customer groups in addition to the retail trade. Gebr. Gentile AG is therefore pleased to have found a lean and cost-effective way to cover the topic at an early stage with AgriPlace Chain.

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