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Fruchthandel Magazin, AgriPlace & GLOBALG.AP present: Managing certifications effectively - How do KÖLLA, FruitMasters and BerryWorld deal with sustainability and social standards?

The webinar will take place on January 26th at 2pm CET (Berlin).

In this Fruchthandel Magazin webinar with Agriplace & GLOBALG.AP you will learn how fruit and vegetable wholesalers can automate the collection of information on food safety, social certification and sustainability from suppliers.

The world of food safety and social standards has developed rapidly in recent years. Quality requirements from food retailers and consumers for fruit and vegetables are constantly increasing. This creates a lot of work and challenges in wholesale to ensure products meet customer needs.

Sichere und nachhaltige Lieferketten - Erfahren Sie, wie KÖLLA und FruitMasters automatisch Einblicke in die Lebensmittelsicherheits- und Sozialstandards von Lieferanten erhalten.

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