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As the GLOBALG.AP Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate will become a market requirement from January 2023 for all traders who sell products under the GLOBALG.AP label, more and more companies are joining Agriplace Chain to take advantage of our connection to the GLOBALG.AP database and automatic retrieval and validation of certificate information.

By attending the next webinar, you can gain a deeper understanding of the CoC certification process and find out how Agriplace Chain helps companies achieve certification.


  • Verification of inputs and outputs for CoC

  • Verification of inputs and outputs in Agriplace Chain

  • Traceability for CoC

  • Traceability in Agriplace Chain

  • Testimony of the CoC process with Agriplace

  • Introduction to Agriplace Chain

Le processus de certification CoC (Chain of Custody) avec Agriplace Chain

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