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Customer story Nosibé & Kissao

“Agriplace Chain ensures a better reliability of the information and helps us to better identify the supply chains"

Elisabeth Modot Pidois, Quality Assurance

Nosibé & Kissao are two sister companies part of Kinobé group. The group is proud to offer every fruit from all over the world and is known for always upholding their pledge of quality.

Elisabeth Modot-Pitois, their quality and CSR manager, explains how Agriplace Chain helps them to have a supply chain that always meets the quality requirements while saving them time.


The Kinobé group is IFS and GLOBALG.A.P. CoC certified and has been working hard at each audit to have a database that is as up to date as possible. Elisabeth found this task quite challenging; she explains her situation as such: “When you have a system as heavy as an Excel file where a lot of documents have an expiration date it is complicated to always maintain the veracity of the information. It took us a lot of time and effort to ensure this”. 


Before joining Agriplace Chain, Elisabeth would send out an email and wait for a reply. If she didn't get one, she would have to go back into her database to see where she had gaps. Now Elisabeth, thanks to Chain, does not need to worry about this since all the reminders are done automatically.  

She further states that: “Agriplace Chain ensures better reliability of the information and helps us to better identify the supply chains. Agriplace Chain has objective graphs of the conformity of my supply chain which helps me avoid making dynamic cross tables of my Excel table to see which suppliers answered. Agriplace Chain is also a real management tool”. 


Using Agriplace Chain enables the Kinobé group to quickly see which documents are valid, through the updated request and automatic alerts functions. The platform helps the company save time both for documentation request and for the following management of these. Elisabeth explains what the deciding factors were for using Agriplace: “What finally convinced us to join Agriplace is the connection with the GLOBALG.A.P. database, especially with the new strict GLOBALG.A.P. CoC reference system. Agrilace facilitated the obtaining of this certificate. I want to say that we see that Agriplace is always listening to our needs, our feelings, what we could improve, and we feel that it constantly evolves, we are excited to see what the next modules are”. 


When asked if she would recommend Agriplace Chain to other fruit & vegetable traders, Elisabeth had this to say: “The more companies will use Agriplace Chain, the more fluid the information exchanges will be. Moreover, the customers have more and more specific requirements, and with Agriplace we can filter which supplier is compliant with which customers. I know that if one of my suppliers is using Agriplace Chain, then it is important for them to control their supply chain and that is reassuring”. 

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