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6th March 2020

Amsterdam, 6th March 2020 - Two Dutch companies, AgriPlace and Kleemans, recently joined forces. They want to offer Kleemans' clients the benefits associated with AgriPlace Chain. With Pro-aQt, Kleemans offer expert quality advice and digital solutions. They can now provide a total supplier management solution. This is thanks to AgriPlace Chain and a digital handbook and registration with Pro-aQt.

AgriPlace Chain
"AgriPlace is growing fast with Agriplace Chain. This is its new platform for the fruit and vegetable sector. This digital platform was developed along with the foremost fruit and vegetable sector quality managers. Companies like the Best Fresh Group, Jaguar Fresh, and Bud Holland have already taken steps like digitizing their chains' compliance data. That helps guarantee their clients have a safe chain," says an AgriPlace spokesperson.

"Clients and certifiers have ever-increasing demands regarding food safety and products' social and sustainable aspects," says AgriPlace's Nico Broersen. "You must ensure quality and that all demands are met. You also have to distinguish yourself. To do so, you must collect more information every year. That of products, producers, and suppliers."

"Suppliers' compliance data is now still updated by hand. This is mostly done by a combination of e-mails, Excel, and SharePoint files. AgriPlace Chain changes this, making it easier to recall, control, and share this information. That saves time and expands the chain's insights. It gives companies a better overview of the quality and social and sustainable aspects of suppliers and products," says the organization's spokesperson.

AgriPlace Chain, for example, automatically retrieves certification, residue analyses, and supplier declarations. It also gives direct insight into each link in the chain's compliance status. The platform does this in various ways. Suppliers can easily share their documents before these expire. Also, thanks to connections with databases like GlobalGAP, less data has to be collected from suppliers. Certificates are simply automatically generated.

For more information:

Nico Broersen

+31 (0) 613 369 752

Twan de Kruijf

+ 31 (0) 620 019 860

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