Chain Compliance

A complete solution for supplier and quality management

We help buyers of agricultural products gain insight and save time in collecting, managing, and sharing of quality, sustainability and social information from their suppliers. Explore why a growing network of 100 buyers and 90.000 farmers use AgriPlace Chain to manage their certificates, lab analyses, declarations and more.

From emails and excel sheets to automatic collection and insight 

Due diligence information

Certificates, lab analyses, declarations, and more

Supply chain insight

Ensure compliance from supplier to grower

Analyses management

Automatically retrieve and analyse lab results

Effortlessly exchange information with suppliers

Smooth and time-saving sharing for suppliers and you

Suppliers easily share through your personalized portal

Notifications ensure information is shared before expiry

Automatic collection from GLOBALG.A.P. & BRC

Always and automatically up to date thanks to database connections

Connections enable insight in GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, SIZA, BRC and more

PDF’s of certificates are created through the connection, these can be shared with customers or auditors.

Ensure customer compliance

Check what product is suitable for which client or market at a single glance

Automated checks on certificate or lab analyses compliance

Information can easily be shared with clients

Supply chain insight

Ensure traceability of product and producers

Suppliers can easily share grower/ traceability lists digitally

Map out relationships and gain insights into your supply chain

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‘’The cloud-based technology saves time and effort for our quality team as well as other teams who can see all the needed information in one place.


We use AgriPlace Chain to have a complete overview of quality and automated checks on compliance with customer requirements based on the information collected in the system.’’

Alejandro Solis Martinez QA Manager BerryWorld

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Power-up Chain Compliance with the following solutions

Lab analysis module

Automatically collect and analyse lab results

Gain insight in your own and suppliers’ lab results. Automatic collection from laboratories and suppliers make managing lab results a piece of cake.

ERP connections

Always up to date quality statuses in your internal systems

Use our RESTful API to connect with internal systems. Always have up to date certification information in your commercial processes.

Coming soon

Insight in sustainable sourcing

Based on what products you source and where you source them from this module enables you to easily identify risks and opportunities

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