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Alejandro Solis, explains how AgriPlace Chain helps them to move towards a system that automatically guarantees product always fulfills quality requirements.

As one of the largest companies operating Berries around the world, BerryWorld has a worldwide network of suppliers and buyers.

‘’With AgriPlace Chain we are able to see from our suppliers and products all compliance aspects. One of the main benefits over Excel is that AgriPlace Chain automatically collects information from suppliers and the GLOBALG.A.P. database.’’

‘’The cloud based technology saves time and effort for our quality team as well as other teams whom can see all the needed information in one place. We are now collaborating with AgriPlace Chain to have automated checks on compliance with customer requirements based on the information collected in the system. This will enable us to automatically see what product is suitable for what client and make sure that product that is allocated, always complies. AgriPlace is continuously developing new features to smoothen this process and we are excited to see what comes next.’’